• The largest converters of round Steel/Stainless Steel pipes to square or rectangular profiles (Please note that we are not stockists of Stainless Steel tubes, our customers supply the Stainless Steel pipes to be converted)

  • Reducers of Steel and Stainless Steel tubes into smaller diameters

                                                                e.g.:    Ø101.6 x 4.0mm wall reduced to Ø95 x 4.0mm wall

  • Largest stockists and manufacturers of non-standard size tubing
  • Widest variety of Steel tube stock in South Africa
  • Suppliers of any standard/non-standard sized steel tubes
  • In-house manufacturers of our own Rollers and Dies for our tube machines
  • Unsurpassable/Committed Lead Times
  • Capacity to manufacture almost any size tube within our product range limitations, Provided that enough volume is ordered to justify a rolling. Hence our motto ‘Any Size Counts’