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Garsin Engineering is based on an 56 000m² site in Knights, Germiston and has a factory area covering over 13 000m².

Garsin Engineering currently has a workforce of 75 employees, a capacity of approximately 4000 tons per month and a client base consisting of some of South Africa’s leading steel tube users.


Our mission statement is to maintain emphasis on optimum quality, efficient service, and diligent attention to the market to ensure that our customers receive fair and just prices at all times.


To remain as the leading South African Steel Tube Manufacturer and Merchant, by maintaining a high level of efficiency and deliverance of outstanding service and quality to all our current and future clients.


Garsin Engineering was established in 1970, as a machine shop providing fabrication and general engineering services to the armaments and automotive industry; due to a down turn in the armaments and automotive industry in the late 1990’s, we diversified in to the steel tube industry and have rapidly built a reputation for excellent service, competitive pricing and the largest variety of steel tube stock.


Steel Tube Merchants and Manufacturers of the following:
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  • the largest converters of round Steel/Stainless Steel pipes to square or rectangular profiles (Please note that we are not stockists of Stainless Steel tubes, our customers supply the Stainless Steel pipes to be converted)
  • Reducers of Steel and Stainless Steel tubes into smaller diameters e.g.:    Ø101.6 x 4.0mm wall reduced to Ø95 x 4.0mm wall

  • Largest stockists and manufacturers of non-standard size tubing
  • Widest variety of Steel tube stock in South Africa
  • Suppliers of any standard/non-standard sized steel tubes
  • Unsurpassable/Committed Lead Times
  • Capacity to manufacture almost any size tube within our product range limitations, Provided that enough volume is ordered to justify a rolling.

Circular Steel Tube

diameter x wall thickness

From: 12.7mm x 1.6mm
To: 219.1mmx 6.0mm

Square Steel Tube

width x breath x wall thickness

From: 10.0mm x 10.0mm x 1.6mm
To: 300.0mm x 300.0mm x 10.0mm

Rectangular Steel Tube

width x breath x wall thickness

From: 25.4mm x 12.7mm x 1.6mm
To: 350mm x 100.0mm x 10.0mm

Conveyor Steel Tube

diameter x wall thickness

From: 127.0mm x 3.8mm
To: 152.4mm x 4.0mm

Bunton Steel Tube

width x breath x wall thickness

From: 203.2mm x 101.6mm x 8.0mm
To: 482.6mm x 127.0mm x 10.0mm

Conveyance Steel Pipe

diameter x wall thickness

From: 152.4mm x 8.0mm
To: 1016.0mm x 10.0mm

Seamless Steel Pipe

diameter x wall thickness

From: 6 NB SCHED 40 (STD): 10.3mm x 1.73mm
To: 600 NB SCHED 160: 609.6mmx 59.54mm

Garsin Engineering

Latitude:-26.195444, Longitude: 28.177841

Physical Address:

265 Main Reef Road
Germiston, EXT 3
South Africa

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 6095
South Africa


+27 (11) 828 – 9732
+27 (11) 828 – 9733
+27 (10) 593 – 1996

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