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General tube and pipe information and specifications.


The difference between Pipes and Tubes




Pipes are used to carry fluids and gases i.e. pipe lines, process plants etc.


Tubes are used for frames or structures i.e. chairs, gates, airport buildings, shopping centers, machinery etc.
Pipes are referenced by their approximate internal diameter. This is important for pipes as the internal diameter is critical to calculate flow rate of the pipe. It is important to note that the internal dimensions vary with different wall thickness and therefore the internal dimensions are “nominal” or averaged. Nominal bore may go by different names, in inch system it is abbreviated as NB (Nominal Bore), in metric systems DN (Diametric Nominal) or in North America NPS (Nominal Pipe Size).


Tubes are referenced by their external dimensions.

An example of a commonly confused size between pipes and tubes

50 NB Schd 80 Pipe – The actual outside diameter is 60.3mm, the wall thickness is 5.49mm and its internal diameter is 49.32mm, close to its nominal size of 50 NB/ 0.8mm diameter nominal.


50.8mm X 5mm – The actual outside diameter is 50.8mm , the wall thickness is 5mm and its internal diameter is 40.8mm.



Interested to see case studies/examples of uses of steel tubes/pipes and how they can be used to save money versus other products? Please visit the American steel tube institute.


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How tubes are measured

Circular Tube

eg. 127 x 4.5 x 6
diameter (mm) x wall thickness (mm) x length (M)

Square Tube

eg. 200 x 200 x 8 x 6
width (mm) x breadth (mm) x wall thickness (mm) x length (M)

Rectangular Tube

eg. 300 x 100 x 10 x 6
width (mm) x breadth (mm) x wall thickness (mm) x length (M)

Bunton Tube

eg. 300 x 100 x 10 x 6
width (mm) x breadth (mm) x wall thickness (mm) x length (M)

How pipes are measured

Circular Pipe

eg. 200NB Shed40 x 6
or 200DN x 8.18 x 6
or 8”NPS Shed40 x 6
nominal diameter (mm) x wall thickness (mm) x length (M)

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